What Our Clients Are Saying...

Amy Clardy

Services completed: Mobile Application and Digital Catalog

“This company has been a blessing to my new e-commerce business. I appreciate all of the marketing tips and suggestions I have received from my coach Katey Coleman. I also appreciate that Katey is always prompt when contacting me for our weekly appointments. However, I feel rushed during our appointments and do not get as much out of them as I should because of the time restraint and internet/ technology issues on my end.
Overall, Business Ventures Online is a company that I would recommend to others who are starting an online business.”

Kevin Rolens

Services completed: Business Branding

“Great service from an outstanding team. Always prompt with appointments and fantastic support to me and my business. As a new e-commerce entrepreneur I’m finding this service to be top notch and will add value to my business.”

Jane Cronin

Services Completed: Business Branding

“You all are amazing in helping me with my new online venture . Olivia and Melanie you are awesome and couldn’t do this without you ! The best support and Bob too . Great team!”

Paige Ellen Stone

Services Completed: Business Branding and Digital Catalog

“I have found the Business Ventures Online to be very, very, helpful. I am new to the world of online business and everyone with whom I have interacted has been very friendly, patient, informative and helpful. I recommend them highly to anyone who is getting an online business started.”