With all the text content on the web how do you stand out from your competition? Bumper Videos are visuals way to provide a “bumper” to your main content. Having a bumper can help increase brand recognition, awareness, and cohesiveness to your online business. They also provide an amazing visual stimulus for information you are trying to convey to your target demographic, and audience.


Strategic branding is imperative to building a strong business foundation. Every single project we launch here at BVO marketing is the culmination of a thorough and intense planning process. We involve anyone on our team that can contribute to the strategy process – from designers and search strategists to management consultants. In our work process, we involve anyone who can contribute positively to the process, so that when we put your strategy in action, you know it’s been planned to perfection. 


Having trouble with advertising specific product lines or finding an effective way to showcase information through a visual aid across any online platform? This service is a seamless integration for product showcasing. The Digital Catalog is a visual and interactive tool to help boost and further reach your target demographic. When selling and offering products, the Interactive Catalog can be a vital asset for your business. This service is downloadable and accessible for offline publication, as well as printable and shareable via social media.

A solid social marketing program is an effective way of reaching your audience and keeping them updated.
We’ll help you to unlock the potential of your brand, and inject it in all the right channels. Together, we’ll reach your customers at the most opportune time and place, whether this means through their Facebook feeds and Twitter accounts, or through a perfectly executive guerilla marketing campaign. 

Shopping around for a functional website to be developed for your business and don’t know who to go through? Our websites are designed by our fantastic in-house web development team. We not only build websites but we can guide you through how owning and operating a site works. Allowing you to have creative control with your business’ website. Manage orders, and upload products no problem, we can show you how. We strive to build strong desktop websites with functionality and visual appeal, custom tailored to your business’ goals, needs, and services.

With so many people using mobile devices to shop, we make sure your custom website has a responsive, mobile-friendly design to automatically resize for easy-navigation on desktops, tablets, and smart phone devices.

Strong desktop website functionality and traffic but lacking for viewers on a mobile device? No problem! Get a stunning, functional mobile promo website specifically designed for mobile devices. Our mobile promo websites are designed by our fantastic in-house web development team, featuring promotional content and top selling products that all link back to your main website.