Your business identity is more than just how you operate and function as a business. Its the experience your customers have that makes your brand. Since the technology shift in recent history, more and more people use the internet for solutions in there life. Which means your services need to be available when and where your customers are looking. Your brand is what keeps clients coming back, so at Business Ventures Online we can help your business flow fluidly across all online platforms to create the brand your business craves.




Whats Included?

  • Two vector files (one in .AI format and one in .EPS format). A vector is a file type that can be adjusted in sized without compromising quality making it a vital file type for you to have for your logo.
  • High resolution JPG file.
  • PNG file with a translucent background.
  • All white PNG file.
  • All black PNG file.
  • Full copyright and usage of your logo.
  • Small version of your logo to use as a favicon or icon

What to Expect?

  • For your logo, you will get an initial draft with four concepts.
  • Not exactly your vision? You will also get a second draft with up to four more concepts. From here you’ll choose your favorite concept.
  • We will then perfect your logo with up to two more revisioning rounds.


More ‘Corporate Identity’ options for on the web and print design.

  • Five high resolution stock photos/graphics to boost your brand’s identity on your website, social media, and/or marketing campaigns.
  • Three-font typography palette that reflects your brand’s visual identity
  • One branded pattern design that comes in vector format and JPG.
  • Professional business gmail setup and business signature design.
  • We develop a multi-tone color palette that reflects what your brand’s visual identity is. This palette includes three primary, three secondary and two gray-scale colors.
  • Stationary Designs that includes business card template, letter head template, invoice template, as well as a sticker template with your brands logo and/or t-shirt design with your brands logo on it.
  • We also put together a mood board with key images, styles, colors, and designs that best convey the essence of your brand.


Interactive Catalog

  • This service is a seamless integration for product showcasing. The Interactive Catalog is a visual and interactive tool to help boost and further hit your target demographic.
  • When selling and offering products, the Interactive Catalog can be a vital asset for your business. This service is downloadable and accessible for offline publication, as well as printable and shareable via social media.

Brand Identity Bumper Video

  • This integration can be used on website landing pages, future video commercials, social media campaigns on organic and/or paid advertisements. This is a multi-faceted element to your branding package.
  • Length of video can be from 10 to 30 seconds long.
  • Your choice of genre for background music.
  • Colors and themes correlate with previous branding options.