With all the text content on the web how do you stand out from your competition? A bumper video is a visual way to provide a “bumper” to your main content. Having a bumper video can help increase brand recognition, awareness, and establish a cohesiveness to your online business. They also provide an amazing visual stimulus for information you are trying to convey to your target demographic and audience.


Every aspect of your branding is carefully coordinated so that it reflects your company’s message in the desired method. Together we come up with the information you want to convey and we build the video to your exact specifications. This integration can be used on website landing pages, future video commercials, social media campaigns and on organic and/or paid advertisements. This is a multi-faceted element to add to your marketing tools. Length of video can be from 20 to 60 seconds long. Your choice of genre for background music. Colors and themes can correlate with your branding campaign.

*The Bumper Video is included in Corporate Identity Platinum Package, it can also be purchased separately.